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Please contact your local homoeopath before taking them.

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Child with fever in summer-12 best and safe homeopathic medicines

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In summer quite often child got fever without any obvious reason.  Here i am presenting 12 best and safe homeopathic medicines, which one should have at home and can be used if symptoms match.  One should give medicine of within one group which symptoms matches and according to numbering.

Group A.

1.            Belladona.  (See if you have symptoms A,C, F, I)

2.            Calcarea Carb (See if you have symptoms A, C)

Group B.

3.            Bryonia.Alba  (See if you have symptoms A,D, F, M, N, K, and R)

4.            Sulphur (A, D, F, J)

5.            Pulsatila Nigricans.( A, D, E, L).

6.            Antimonium Crudum.(J, M, N).

Group C.

7.            Arsenicum Album.(B, C, F, O, and P)

8.            Veratram Album.(G and O).

Group D.

9.            Lachesis Muta.(A, D, E)

10.       Natrum Muriaticum (A, D, F, N)

Group E.

11.            Gelesimum (I, M, O)

Group F

12.            Capsicum. (A, C, E, M)

To know which medicines are most indicated for your child please read below and know best three medicines for your child.  See the most common event occurring during fever.

A.  Since fever child has turned to be dull (i.e. slow in walking, slow in answering, looks sleepy, week, and desires to lie down).

B.  Since fever child is become anxious (looks fearful, restlessness, easily weeping, fears when alone, do not stay in bed, looks to do things hurry, does not stay at one places, and nothing seems to satisfied him for too long).

C.  Accepting extra covering/cloths or demanding extra cloths/covering.

D.  Asking/putting off cloths and kicking off covering and asking for fan/cooler/a.c.

E.  Do not drinking water/denies water when offered or drinks too little water.

F.  Is drinking good quantity of water or asking for water too frequently.

G.  Asking or drinking only cold water.

H.  Trying to sleep, but is unable to sleep.

I.  Child is not allowing cold-wet bandage applied on head/body.

J.  Child tongue and lips is looking dry.

K.  Child is asking to stay in open air or looks calm and better in open air.

L.  Sleeping a lot since fever has started.

M.  Wants to be not disturbed for anything.

N.  Child has become quite irritable and is crying.

O.  Got quite much weak and exhausted since got fever.

P.  No desire for food for anything.

Q.  Wants somebody to remain with then him/her always.

R.  Fever may due to eating ice-cream/cold drinks.


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