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Child with acute fever and vomiting in monsoon season

Friday, June 18, 2010

Very often our little kids got ill with acute fever and vomiting. There are more than 40 disease conditions, which can cause acute fever and vomiting. During monsoon season malaria, cholera, hepatitis,gastroenteritis, and Leptospirosis are some common diseases, which can cause these symptoms.

Here I am presenting best 15 homeopathic medicines for acute fever with vomiting during monsoon season only and only for kids.

One has to read symptoms given A to Z and note what symptoms are present in their kids.

After symptoms A to Z, best 15 homeopathic medicines are given with which symptoms they contain.

A. Since fever child has turned to be dull (i.e. slow in walking, slow in answering, looks sleepy, week, and desires to lie down).

B. Since fever child is become anxious (looks fearful, restlessness, easily weeping, fears when alone, do not stay in bed, looks to do things hurry, does not stay at one places, and nothing seems to satisfied him for too long).

C. Accepting extra covering/cloths or demanding extra cloths/covering.

D. Asking/putting off cloths and kicking off covering and asking for fan/cooler/a.c.

E. Do not drinking water/denies water when offered or drinks too little water.

F. Is drinking good quantity of water or asking for water too frequently.

G. Child is vomiting mainly eaten food.

H. Child is vomiting mainly dark green or green-yellowish material.

I. Child is vomiting thick-gelly like fluid.

K. Child is vomiting mainly milk/curdled milk.

L. Child is vomiting material, which smells very sour.

M. Child vomits very easily i.e. so fast and not painful and child does not cry or frightful after vomiting.

N. Child makes a great effort to vomit, very difficulty to vomit, looks frightful and cries a lot after vomiting.

O. Child's body feels intense warm i.e. high fever.

P. Fever mainly comes at night and never occurred in forenoon and afternoon.

Q. Very troublesome vomiting, vomiting everything food, water, bile, and gets exhausted by vomiting.

R. Child is averse to eat or drink anything.

S. Fever occurs mainly while sleeping and without perspiration.

T. Fever comes back as soon as child resumes daily activity.

U. Child vomits immediately after drinking or eating even smallest amount of water or food.

V. Child lies absolutely calm since illness.

W. Fever and vomiting seems to be caused by eating bad/unhygienic food, fruits, or vegetables.

x. Child desires to drink cold drink mainly.

Y. Child is liking to drink milk mainly.

Z. Child is liking to eat sweats mainly.

Most Useful Homeopathic Medicines are given below with their indication. If any confusion or question, please free to ask me.



Calcarea Carb C+F+A+G+K+S+T+Y+Z

Belladonna C+F+G+O+W

Arsenic Album C+G+H+K+O+Q+S+T+U+W+X+Y+Z

Veratrum Album G+H+K+L+X+

Sulphur -F+A+D+G+L+P+R+T+W+Z

Merc Sol-F+G+H+W+X+Y

Bryonia A+D+G+H+N+O+P+S+U+V+W+X+Y+Z

Puls A+D+E+G+H+I+L+O+P+R+S+W

Natrum Mur A+D+G+O+S

Phos G+H+I+K+L+M+O+P+S+U+W+X

Cina P+G+S+X

Chamomila H+M+P+X


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