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Child with fever, cough, and runny nose in monsoon season 12 Best Homeopathic Medicines

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Child with fever, cough, and runny nose (nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, and sneezing) in monsoon season:12 Best Homeopathic Medicines.

This symptom combination (fever with runny nose and cough) in children can be early manifestation of some dangerous viruses {flu (caused by different stains of influenza virus i.e. H1N1 stain swine flu, slap-cheek syndrome (caused by erythrovirus), measles (caused by Rubeola virus), and bronchiolitis (mostly caused by RSV virus, but other virus too can cause this problem)}.

If we give homeopathic medications on the basis of this symptom combination we can stop further complications caused by these deadly viruses. Here I am presenting some common safe homeopathic medicines, which can be used for this symptom combination with very good result.

To know which medicine can be used for your child one should note that these medicines given targeting these symptoms in child in rainy season i.e., July to October in India or if there is rainy weather for few days. If these two factors are present then child would certainly benefited by these medicines.

A. Nasal discharge as very stringy, tough, viscid
B. Child gets sneezing if remains in warm room (put child in warm room without fan running and notice that if sneezes in warm room)
C. Thick yellow nasal discharge
D. Cough gets worse after exposure to cold or becoming cold.
E. Child is having cough mainly while lying down which improves upon sitting.
F. Sponging (applying wet cloth on head and body) decreases temperature very rapidly. Sponging is very good treatment of fever and should be first line treatment of fever.
G. Since child got runny nose and other problems, having much sweating or when child sneezes, nose runs, or cough there is much sweating on face and forehead.
H. Child is having more cough if lies on right side.
I. During fever child wants to be covered with bedsheet, blanket, etc .
J. Child is having continuous coughing episodes at night.
K. Child desires to remain free of covers, cloths, blanket, etc.
L. Child is having continued very high fever in night.
M. child is having suffocative cough, unable to breathe during coughing episode, choking cough
N. Coryza (discharges from nose, obstruction of nose, and sneezing) are very violent, severe, and very troublesome.
O. Child is having very frequent sneezing episodes.
P. Child is having fever with shivering.
Q. Child's face becomes red during fever.
R. Child's pulse is slow and weak.
S. Child's face turns bluish during coughing episode.
T. Child is thirsty i.e. drinking much water or drinking water frequently.
U. Child is not drinking enough water since illness or when offered.
V. Child's cough gets better in open air. Take child out from home while coughing and notice his coughs got improve.
W. Child's cough is significantly worse after eating.
X. Child turned out very weak and looks exhausted since sickness started.
Y. Child looks anxious, nervous, tense during fever.
Z. Child turns out to be very irritable during fever.

12 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Fever, cough, and runny nose in monsoon season.
Merc. Sol
Rhus Tox

Read symptoms A-Z and tell which symptoms are present in your child (just tell, A, B, D, J, K, etc) and I will tell (free of cost) three best medicines for your child, which one can give one by one. I am sure that child would be benefited very much from these three medicines.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S., N.H.M. C., Lko)


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