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Fevers Of Children In Winter Season Homeopathic Treatment

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Blog Reader,

Please read my other fever articles to use this article for knowing most useful homeopathic medicine for fevers of children during winter season.

Following homeopathic medicines in combination are proved to be very useful to me for fever of children in winter season. I am used to consider facts given below (A to Z) while selecting medicine.

1. Aconite.
2. Nux Vomica alternating with Sulphur.
3. Sulphur alternating with Pulsatilla.
4. Rhus Tox alternating with Bryonia.
5. Arsenic Album alternating with Carbo Veg.
6. Arsenic Album alternating with Phosphorus.
7. Belladonna alternating with Chamomilla.
8. Carbo Veg alternating with Phosphorus.
9. Ipecac alternating with Phosphorus.
10. Gelsemium.
11. Dulcamara.
12. Ignatia.
13. Merc Sol.

Most useful things helping to select right medicine.
A. Child's fever started in morning while in bed or having fever mainly in the morning.
B. Child's fever started or is having between 9-12 a.m.
C. Fever started or is having fever between 1-6 p.m.
D. Fever started or is having Fever between 6-10 night
E. Child's Fever started or is having Fever between 10-12 PM
F. Child's Fever started or is having Fever between 12-6 am
G. Child is having fever with chilliness
H. Child is having Shivering
I. Child is having perspiration, but child's fever does not come down with perspiration.
J. Child desires to be remain without clothes/covering
K. Child is not allowing wet application to calm down fever
L. Child is rather healthy/obese by body build-up.
M. Child is lean and thin by body build-up.
N. Is there anything happened before fever, which child disliked very much
O. Child is used to get bad dreams/nightmare very frequently or recently
P. Child is in very tearful mood and is weeping frequently.
Q. Since fever child is drinking more water
R. Since fever child is not drinking water at all
S. During fever child is very restless
T. Since fever child is sleeping more, looks sleepy and sleeping quite deeply.
U. Due to fever child is unable to sleep well
V. During fever child is talking unusually and saying absurd things
W. Since fever child is not eating anything or do not want to eat
X. Since fever child is eating more than normal or eating well despite fever
Y. Child is going through dentition
Z. Fever with cold arms and legs.

Please note this article is for people who had basic knowledge of homeopathy. General people should mail me with their child's symptoms i.e. A, D, E, Z like that to know medicines which can be helpful.


Himkala Shah said...

Hello Doctor,
My son is 8.5 yrs old.He is suffering from fever now and the symptoms which you have written in your website matches with C,D,L,O.Q.
So, will you please suggest me medicine.I Have given belladona and acconite, fever does not get down.

DrRakesh Kumar said...

Hello Mr. Shah Sorry for delayed reply and I am hoping and wishing your child will be okay now. By the way, these medicines can be used Sulphur 30 alternating with Pulsatilla 30 if he is still sick.

Leslie Lim said...

Pretty good post. I found your website perfect for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great ideas.


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